This Heavy Stainless Steel Kada featuring Laser marked Personalised Photo and Om Sai Ram Mantra of Sai Baba in English will give him a bold and masculine look, perfect for any occasion. This brightly polished bracelet is fashioned in Stainless Steel and features a simple, stylish look he will turn to day after day. Get this famous Punjabi Kada made of Stainless Steel, which is traditionally a symbol of strength also a fashion accessory which can be worn by everybody. Features 1. Stainless steel will never lose its shine 2. Only Sai Baba pic with Om Sai Ram mantra in english 3. 5 mm THICK and HEAVY Kada, only for Men with liking for Heavy Bracelets 4. Check for The Amritsar Store branded packaging for original Kada. Beware of cheap imitations 5. Made in Amritsar Available sizes 1. XS- 6.5 cm 2. S- 6.7 cm 3. M- 7 cm 4. L- 7.3 cm 5. XL- 7.5 cm Please mention the size you want in Comments. To check size, use a measuring scale, measure from the middle of your first knuckle, to the middle of your fourth knuckle. That measurement will give you your correct Kada(Kara) Size


L-7.2, M-7, S-6.7, XL-7.5, XS-6.5, XXL-7.8, XXS-6.2


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Om Sai Ram Stainless Steel Kara by Punjabi Swagg
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