This copper kada will give him a bold and masculine look, perfect for any occasion. This brightly polished bracelet is fashioned in copper and features a simple, stylish look he will turn to day after day. Get this famous punjabi kara made of copper, which is traditionally a symbol of strength also a fashion accessory which can be worn by everybody. Features 1.Full copper body 2. Made in India 3. Quality of product is 100% guaranteed. 4. Available in different sizes Available sizes 1. XS- 2.6 inches 2. S- 2.8 inches 3. M- 2.9 inches to check size, use a measuring scale, measure from the middle of your first knuckle, to the middle of your fourth knuckle. That measurement will give you your correct kada(kara) size check the illustration.




L-7.2, M-7, S-6.7, XS-6.5


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Copper Kada Plain (With Edges) for Men 7 mm thickness by Punjabi Swagg
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