• Durable and Long-lasting
  • Use brasso liquid to keep it shining
  • Full Brass Body
  • Golden Colour
  • For Boys and Mens

What is a Punjabi Kada? The Kada is generally worn on the right wrist and it is a symbol of unbreakable connection to the Infinite / Divine. It is in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end, like the eternal nature of the Creative Energy of the Universe. The stainless steel is to signify purity and strength, and to remind the wearer to embody these qualities. It is meant to remind those who wear a Kada that anything done with the hands honors the Divine. The Kada became one of the symbols of a Sikh who has taken his / her vows when Guru Gobind Singh declared it one of the the five Kakars. In Punjab in India, Kadas are worn by Sikhs as well as Hindus and Muslims. Around the world, the Kada has become a more popular symbol of an acknowledgment of intention to stay always connected with God.

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L-7.2, M-7, S-6.7


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Brass Bold Kada for Men (Plain) By Punjabi Swagg
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