These blankets are used for heating the bed during cold winter nights to ensure good sleep. They are placed under the bed,from where they generate heat.they are made of superior-quality wool.available in other colours too. We at Warmth WEB Electric Blankets are dedicated to make your lives more comfortable and relaxing. The extreme whether conditions have always been a great cause of worry and hardness for all of us. The primitive procedures of keeping our homes warm such as room heaters , heat pillars are more widespread. These heating gadgets are expensive as well as unsafe . By Seeing this situation we realize the need to get a more useful product to the households. This led to the evolution of Warmth WEB Electric Bed Warmers, an extremely easy to purchase-use and maintain the product that will revolutionize the method of in house heating and warmth. Easily spread the Warmth WEB Electric Blanket under the bed sheet and over the mattress and warm your bed. It comes with Four heat settings that is very much easy and handy to use. Our Primary goal is to reach out to every household in the country to keep them comfortable during the chilly season. Electric Blankets also provide you the heat therapy which relaxes your sore back and legs. Switch off after max 60 minutes. The blanket needs to be checked and switched off after regular intervals to avoid over heating.

Electric Under Blankets

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